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Rim Repair

Rim Repair

Your ride looking good and performing correctly is my goal. My prices are simple, $100.00 each aluminum rim to straighten inner barrel, Face bends vary but start at 150.00 & up . If lip is bent on the face ( the part of the rim you see at the lug nuts ) and the inner barrel is also bent call me for a estimate and send pictures of damage if possible .Please note a rim that has any bent lip on the face of the rim will require the rim to be re- chromed or repainted to be correct. If the rim is painted it will require it to be refinished. Plastic coat 60.00 or  125.00 to powdercoat,depending on damage for curb rash only painted rims will require to be repainted. We also repair cracked rims $150.00, for a esitmate of repair that require welding, Please send me a picture of the rim to be repaired.

3 piece rims with no damaged parts are $300.00 each with silocone seal plus any bolts & nuts needed, dry time needed 3 days. 

Aluminum Rim Repair

I also do high end 3 piece rims. Please note: Due to drying time I will require 3 Piece rims for 3 days mininum. After the rim has been properly set, it is retorqued once again to ensure proper fit and seal. All 3 piece rims carry, Rim Straightening and crack repairs carry  a 6 month / 6,000 mile warranty for workmanship. All rims are checked with dail indicator and measured to be correct. I have an very clean and professional rim straightening shop that you can bring your rims in for repair with the confidence that your rim will be repaired and running straight.